Roommates We've All Had: The Nocturnal One

Written by Birmingham Apartments on 8/26/16 9:00 AM
Just like your favorite rodents, he's up all night and asleep all day.

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The 5 Most Common Roommate Fights

Written by Sydney Hardiman on 8/25/16 9:00 AM

When it comes to roommates, things can get a little tricky. In many ways, it's similar to a new relationship — in the beginning, you have a honeymoon phase and everything seems wonderful. ("Please, let me pay for the pizza this time.") But, the honeymoon always ends. ("And would you believe she never has cash when the pizza guy comes?")

And unlike most relationships, you're still legally-bound by a lease long after the bloom has faded from the rose. Living with someone else means accepting a few quirks along the way and learning to communicate.

Here are a few of the most common causes of disagreement among roommates


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Neighborhood Tastemaker: Jim Watkins of Steel City Pops

Written by Katy Joy Vaughan on 8/24/16 9:00 AM

Everyone in Birmingham knows and loves Steel City Pops. Now, we're finding out the story behind the pops, and the man that made it all happen — Jim Watkins.


1. What inspired Steel City Pops?

While on vacation with his family in Nashville, owner and creator, Jim Watkins, stumbled
across a unique shop called Las Paletas. It was a simple store, selling unique sweets
called Mexican paletas — more commonly known as pops. These delicious paletas were
gourmet, brightly-colored, all-natural and healthy, too — simply unlike anything he and
his family had ever tried.


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Eat, Shop, Play at Birmingham-Southern College

Written by Katy Joy Vaughan on 8/23/16 9:00 AM

Birmingham-Southern College is well known as an impressive private liberal arts school on Arkadelphia Road. It has consistently ranked  among the best liberal arts colleges in the United States as it helps students grow academically and personally. So, what's fun to do around campus? We chose three of our favorite spots for you to check out.


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Roommates We've All Had: The Partier

Written by Birmingham Apartments on 8/19/16 9:00 AM
He should go to work, but he probably won't. 

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8 Tips When You're Moving Out For the First Time

Written by Gretchen Steele on 8/18/16 9:00 AM
Moving out for the first time can be a struggle. Being without parental supervision and free to do anything you want is great, but also pretty daunting at times. (Did you know that adulting involved so many bills?) Here are some tips to get you through those first weeks in the real world. 

1. Packing is hard.

You'll need boxes. Lots of boxes. And packing tape and styrofoam and paper to wrap the delicate things in. Fortunately, there are a lot of places that will give you their used boxes for free (Lowe's, Sam's Club, etc.), and they often have small boxes that are perfect for moving all your little knick knacks. 

2. You won't have everything you need.

Where’s the nail polish remover when you need it? Toenail clippers? Can opener? It’s easy to forget to move things that you just use every once in awhile, but the horror of having a hangnail with no clippers in sight is something no one should have to experience. And we all know the feeling of having to fish a wrinkly shirt out of a pile of clothes when last week’s laundry got neglected. Don’t find yourself without an iron on those days. 


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Roommate Nightmares: Cats

Written by Katy Joy Vaughan on 8/17/16 9:00 AM

For some reason, most people don’t feel neutral about cats. They’re either a cat fanatic or a cat hater. I definitely fall into the first category as soon as I moved out of my dorm, I adopted Sookie.

Sookie’s a special cat. Her previous owners weren’t the best. They left her de-clawed and a bit damaged after a year with large dogs and small children. She can’t stand other animals or, really, most people.

I thought that with a loving home and some isolation from other animals her temperament might improve.

It's not the first time I was wrong about cats.


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Eat, Shop, Play at Samford University

Written by Gretchen Steele on 8/16/16 9:00 AM

Located in HomewoodSamford University is known for its beautiful campus and excellent academics. Whether it’s attending a concert or a play, or just catching up with friends over coffee, there’s always something going on at Samford.  


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Roommates We've All Had: The DIY Expert

Written by Birmingham Apartments on 8/12/16 9:00 AM

Don't worry, she saw it on Pinterest. 


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How to Decorate an Apartment on a Student Budget

Written by Sydney Hardiman on 8/11/16 9:00 AM

Decorating is the best way to express your style while making the most out of the space you have, and let's be honest, that is not easy when working with a student budget. But fear not! There are indeed budget-friendly DIYs and decorating tips that make the most of apartment living — even when your income is basically non-existent. 


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